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the odango... company, formed in 1997, has been doing design for its own web site since the beginning and only since November of 2003 has been reaching out to work for other companies to design pages.

We are presently working closely with Wizmall.com to help them build a better site for attracting visitors and, hopefully, interested shoppers. The company is open to new clients who perhaps want an entirely new web site of their own, or wish to have an existing site redesigned.

Besides designing and building traditional web sites, the odango...company also is involved in traditional publishing and graphic layout. The first planned publication should be the first novel by company founder, Gordon Davidescu. While we are not actively seeking other submissions at this present time, at some point in the future the odango...company looks to publish other books as well.

Please do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail at gdavides @ odango.com for any inquiries.

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